The Learning Tree promotes

Physical Exercise

When attending The Learning Tree

Being fit and healthy is good for us - It’s a fact!!!

Children will engage in physical exercise daily.

Children are naturally on the go, moving about, burning energy.

We believe that is important to enhance these natural abilities and in doing so ensure they are having fun!

Bops for Tots

Babies, Wobblers and Toddlers each all have the the opportunity to move to the rhythm of the beat.

As part of the daily routine, the atmosphere is set, the music is pitched and the dance floor is ready.

Music n Movement

Calling All Preschoolers!!

Daily classes where children stretch and warm up before engaging in our power hour.

Practitioners teach basic choreographed moves and dance routines, all for fun.

Also not forgetting our very important Christmas Concerts and Graduation.

Ssshhhh!!....... Better not spoil any secrets!!!