Wobbler Room

Children aged 12 months to 24 months

This room is designed for children who are starting to find their feet. It is a transition time from baby to toddler.

In this room a little more structure is introduced to the children e.g dinner, tea and sleep times are gradually introduced at set times during the day. However, we must remember that children at this age are still quite young and flexibility of sleep patterns is very important. The needs of the children change all the time and each environment must change and adapt, with activities to suit the age and stage of the children in it.

The activities in this room provide further opportunities for learning and exploration:

  • Further develop communication skills. Children's concentration levels are increasing all the time so introducing activities like story time and music time will help with these skills
  • Opportunities for experimenting and exploring (puzzles, blocks, push and pull toys, books, musical instruments etc.)
  • Introduce arts and crafts like finger and brush painting. These activities are very tactile which is important as children learn a lot through touch
  • Introducing age appropriate games (hide and seek, ring a ring a rosie etc.). As the children in this room get a bit older, we introduce further activities to help in their development:
  • Table top activities which will promote a wide variety of skills (puzzles, play dough, messy play, sponge painting and drawing)
  • Circle time to further promote communication skills (story time, talk time, flash cards and songs)
  • Role play to further develop social interactions and skills (dress up, home corner, dolls, prams, cars, trucks, toy animals)
  • Free play and sand and water play to promote experimenting and exploring.