Baby Room

Children aged 3 months to 12/16 months

In our baby room we encourage the development of a strong bond with care givers to promote a sense of trust and security. We provide:

  • Aid in developing the childrens' fine and gross motor skills (holding items, rolling, pulling, standing and crawling)
  • An environment with activities and materials that will encourage your baby's natural curiosity and in turn provide your baby with further learning experiences
  • Assistance with the development of your child's communication skills by providing the children with the attention required for healthy social interactions. We can achieve this through talking with the babies, action songs and nursery rhymes, stories and general interactions like smiling, hugging, laughing and playing games
  • A spacious and self-contained, to allow our team to give your baby the individual care and attention they need at this early stage
  • A separate sleeping area, each with their own cot and bedding, which is monitored continuously while the children are asleep.