Afterschool Room

Children aged between 4 and 10 years

The Learning Tree recognises the need for quality Afterschool care. We realise that the term 'afterschool' means after school and aim to provide a home from home environment for the children in our care.

Our service enables the children to relax and have fun after a more structured day in school. We are aware that a certain amount of homework needs to be accomplished and there is a supervised homework period for this reason.

1:20 - 2:40 Come on in

Children will be welcomed and will avail of free play until all children have arrived from their respective schools. This time is used for reading, drawing, puzzle making and arts & crafts activities.

2:40 - 3:20 Homework Club

Homework club is an opportunity for children to do their homework in a quiet school environment. Children will sit by themselves and ensure their homework journals are out so as homework can be checked by a supervisor.

Children are encouraged to do all written tasks first. Each exercise will be checked by a supervisor before a child starts on the next exercise. When a supervisor is happy a child has worked on an exercise to the best of their ability their journal will be ticked and initialled. Learning homework will be checked once all written work is completed. Reading homework must be completed at home.

If your child's homework is not finished in this time they must go on to complete it at home. Every parent must check and sign their child's Journal daily. It is up to each parent to take responsibility for their child's homework and make sure that all work is done to the best of their child's ability.

3:20 - 3.50 Dinner Time

Children will be provided with a hot meal each day. These meals are made specifically for children and contain no artificial ingredients.

3.50 - 4.45 Get Moving

The Learning Tree Afterschool Club believes the physical activity should be a daily part of a child's life. Children will be encouraged to take part in dancing and movement games, outdoor play and sports.

From time to time outside groups will be brought in to The Learning Tree Afterschool Club in order to give children at The Learning Tree Afterschool Club access to some professional coaching. These classes are non- compulsory and will run at an extra cost to the parents. All outside coaches will be vetted and will be supervised by a staff member with the children during training.

4.45 - 5.15 Group Activity

Will vary from week to week and will be based on that week's theme.

5.15 - 6.00 End of day wind down

Children can use this time in order to play games with their peers. Children may also decide to do arts & crafts in this time. Children will be given this time to relax so as they are not over excited when their parents arrive. At this time children may read from the library or watch some TV.

After School Sample Menu


Pasta tuna bake with broccoli & vegetables.


Chicken casserole with celery, carrot, leek & rice.


Shepherd's Pie with vegetables & potato.


Beef stew with carrots, turnip & mashed potato.


Spaghetti Bolognaise with kidney beans.

All meals are served with water and milk. Dietary restrictions and allergies catered for daily. Vegetarian option available daily.