Reggio Emilia

Study Tour The Learning Tree 2018

The Learning Tree travelled to Reggio Emilia, Italy to participate on a study tour within the Early Year Sector. The Reggio Emilia teachings were inspirational and an ethos was observed based on an individual blend of culture and history true to the Italian way of life.

What did we bring back from our trip?

The intention to dedicate some of our teaching methodology to the Reggio Emilia curriculum, within the Irish context.

The team are also committed to learning more about the Reggio Emilia methodology and are embarking as part of their continued professional development in further training on this style of teaching.

The Albero Room, allows children to spend time exploring and researching themes through specific stages of investigation.

The children will have various means and tools to enable them to explore, including a range of creative mediums, the use of camera and digital media, light tabes and a research area.